Your comprehensive assessment

Based on our extensive experience working with organisations on their AEC journey we are able to offer you a truly in-depth assessment of your current service and potential to grow.  This is based on multiple elements:

National contextual data – we use large scale national data sets that allow us to compare key metrics relevant to AEC and overall emergency flow.  We can show you where you sit against national and regional comparators.  This can help to change the long held narratives that about local factors that prevent organisations achieve their potential.

Trust level activity data – you will share with us your locally held data, KPIs and dashboards which we can use to assess your capability to reliable measure your service and establish a baseline from which we can begin to demonstrate your improvements.  This conversation often highlights longstanding challenges in your collection and use of data that we can help you with in order to take a leap forward.

Analysis of potential – using activity data that you supply we can help you to see some indicative markers of how your patient flows could change if AEC was truly maximised.  We are able to give you insight into the size of shift to AEC, number of occupied bed days this represents and also what type of patients this is likely to involve.  We will also generate your ”top ten” clinical areas to focus on to see the largest impacts.

Casefile review – here we bring you something really special.  We will facilitate a whole day with you to critically review a sample of your AEC and short length of stay inpatients to see how AEC is utilised within your system and identify the themes behind your current flow.  We base this around you 2x2 utilisation matrix seen here and work with your clinical teams throughout to encourage self-assessment and challenge assumptions.  You will be able to use what you learn here to provide ongoing assessment of your service that keeps you on track and moving forward with a clear vision.