These events are only open to members of the network - they should be booked through your project leads.

Nursing Masterclasses

The Nursing Masterclass is the prime opportunity for your nursing team to share the work they have bveen doing and to network with other sites. This whole day event consists of presentations from previous and current cohorts, expert speakers and the network team.

Key themes covered are:

  • Nurse Roles
  • Service Models
  • Education and Competencies
  • Advanced Practice
  • Interprofessional Relationships
  • Benefits and Feedback

In a busy AEC Unit there can be little time to step back and examine your clinical practice and systems of working, this event allows that space. Sometimes it can feel like a battle against the issues you have in your service - finding out that other sites are dealing with those same issues is very reassuring and there are often solutions that can be shared. The Masterclass is also an opportunity to contribute to the growing body of AEC knowledge.