Suggested Nurse Led Pathways and Procedures

The Directory of Ambulatory Emergency Care contains a list of conditions that are likely to be appropriate for management via AEC. Conditions highlighted in blue have been selected as particularly suitable to be nurse led, though this list is not exhaustive. If you need help developing this type of service the network has individuals who can assist you - contact your Site Support Lead. You will find shared clinical pathways here.

The following are the most common nurse led clinical conditions:

  • DVT
  •  PE
  •  Asthma
  •  Cellulitis
  •  Anaemia

Nurses across the network are also carrying out advanced procedures such as paracentesis, I&D of abscess, joint aspiration and MID line insertion. With appropirate knowledge and skills there is the potential for further development in this area. Please share your examples by emailing

Nursing roles

All roles in AEC should be designed to respond to patient need.  This means the nursing roles in eac individual service will vary depending on local resources and demands.   If you have any examples to share please email