Local Workshops 

We know that releasing staff to come to centrally organised events can be difficult and costly.  We also know that it’s not always the people that would benefit the most that get the opportunity.  In this programme we will bring the workshops to you to reduce disruption and enable you to involve a greater number and variety of staff.  All our workshops are highly interactive and based around the key factors for success in developing your service.  Based on your comprehensive analysis we will prescribe you the three workshops that will give you the greatest impact. The topic areas include:

Measurement for improvement – we will help you to ensure that your data flows are accurate and serve you in driving improvement.  You will select metrics that really matter and support you in delivering the aim of your service.  We will guide you in producing a dashboard for your service and help you to understand how to use this with clinical and operational teams.

Clinical model for AEC – this is a challenging session that will explore whether you are delivering true same day emergency care and whether your staffing, environment, processes and clinical decision making support this throughout the patient journey.  We will help you to start to see AEC as a mindset for everyone rather than just a clinical unit.

Patient selection and streaming – early identification and streaming of appropriate patients is a key building block of high functioning AEC.  In this session we will use process mapping to look at the patient in close detail to understand your current system and identify helpful and unhelpful components.  We will show you tools and techniques that can reduce complexity and improve reliability and help you to challenge the status quo that might be holding you back.

Human factors in change – working with other people and organisations that may have competing priorities is not easy and can often be a source of conflict that stifles innovation and improvement.  This session will take you through the process of understanding you own behaviours and that of others and give you useful approaches to reducing the likelihood of conflicts and helping people through the change process.

Patient involvement – patients are at the centre of everything we do and harnessing their experience can be incredibly powerful as a lever for change.  We will help you with tools and techniques for collecting and using patient and staff experience to co-design service improvements that can work for everyone and will help to increase connection.

Commissioning – a shared understanding of the aim of AEC provision, costs, and how impacts will be demonstrated is vital for a productive commissioner/provider relationship.  We will help you to develop a clear and consistent message around these elements, engage effectively with your system partners and develop a persuasive offer on tariff that is based on appropriate metrics.