Organisations who join the AEC network programme benefit in a number of important ways, including:

  • Rapid expansion of AEC services following extensive hands-on support, leading to better outcomes for patients and greater efficiency
  • Development of staff, providing them with the knowledge and experience they need to manage AEC effectively going forward
  • Engagement and satisfaction of staff, patients and other stakeholders throughout the process, to ensure pain-free implmentation
  • Reassurance that the programme is built on tried and tested models, delivered by highly experienced industry experts

Each AEC network programme runs for 12 months. During this time participants have access to a huge range of training, resources and support, including:


  • Invitations to four national network events (eight places at each event)
  • Additional invites to a variety of topical masterclasses
  • Access to a number of bite-sized webinars throughout the year


  • Access to easy-to-use Experience Based Design (EBD) templates
  • Use of a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator
  • Access to a range of additional resources including event presentations and shared learning


  • On-site assistance through a site visit programme
  • One-to-one support as and when needed
  • Access to industry experts e.g. on measurement
  • Assistance to measure patient experience and use EBD principles to improve services
  • Bespoke support to ensure improvements are sustainable