What is the Accelerator Programme?


Building on the huge success of our original AEC innovation and improvement programme and the bespoke work that we have done with Trusts, we have put together a package that aims to support your organisation in maximising your AEC service and taking your performance to the next level. We will be providing this programme in a way that allows organisations to join when they are ready rather than waiting for the start of a cohort.

Who is Accelerator for?

All organisations will find the content of the programme useful regardless of where they are in their service development.  The programme will be particularly useful for those who have been struggling to get traction to move their service from a “pilot” phase to a fully integrated and funded unit, and for those who feel their performance has plateaued and are ready to challenge themselves to take things to the next level.

What is included in the programme?

This is a six month programme starting with a comprehensive analysis of your service, that uses a triangulated methodology, including analysis of HES data and a casefile review, from which we will give you your prescription for improvement.  This takes the form of three tailored workshops based on themes that emerge during the review, with content tailored to your organisation. You will also have the opportunity to network with your peers and share your learning through various platforms. Throughout all of this you will have your own improvement coach from the national AEC team who will act as your critical friend and help you with tools and techniques for breaking through the blockers you have been struggling with.  Finally you have full access to all the resources and sharing that we have amassed throughout the life of the Network.  Click on each element of the programme to see more.

What is expected from my organisation?

Change does not just happen it requires us to do something differently.  This sounds obvious of course, but in our complex busy lives it can be all too easy to prioritise the day to day delivery rather than the work involved in making change happen.  For this programme to be effective you will need to be committed to self-examination, implementing changes using rapid PDSA cycles, working differently and allocating time in people’s working day to focus on just this.  This programme also requires full and visible support from your senior exec team so that when moving forward requires taking a managed risk, clinical and operation teams are given the space and support to do so.

How do I get involved?

Email aec@nhselect.org.uk for more information and to book a call to discuss your needs with our team.

AEC accelerator programme brochure