Great strides have been made in same day emergency care across the NHS over the last few years and the Ambulatory Emergency Care Network has played an important part in supporting organisations to achieve sustainable changes within their systems. 

A number of pioneering trusts in the AEC Network have take ambulatory emergency care a step further and created surgical AEC services.  Due to the continued interest in Surgical AEC we felt that the next logical step to support trusts would be to establish a Surgical Ambulatory Emergency Care Network (SAEC).  The first cohort of Surgical AEC launched in March 2017 and was oversubscribed.  

It will follow a similar structure to the current AEC Network model, with each cohort running for a period of 12 months. The programme is designed as a collaborative and teams from health communities sign up. The AEC Network has worked with over 120 health care teams across England and Wales to support them to rapidly expand ambulatory emergency care with great results, and we hope to see similar improvements with SAEC. 

More information on the next cohort of the SAEC Programme can be found detailed in the flyer below.

SAEC Flyer 2019.pdf