The AEC Network, a national body that exists to enable the successful implementation of same day emergency care across the UK, has released the latest edition of the Directory of Ambulatory Emergency Care for Adults.

Freely available to everyone  the new 73-page directory provides in-depth guidance to enable organisations to adopt the AEC model and improve the way they manage the increasing demand for emergency services.

Ambulatory Emergency Care enables around a third of admitted patients to be seen, diagnosed, treated and discharged within the same day to continue their treatment at home or in a community setting, leaving admission to a hospital bed reserved only for very sick patients.

The guide will prove invaluable for anyone involved in the design or delivery of emergency care services, both in and outside of a hospital setting, including ambulance and community services.

Jim Mackey, Chief Executive at NHS Improvement said:

“We know that ambulatory emergency care is a key component of delivering safe, effective, high-quality care for patients, and as such should be an integral part of any urgent and emergency care system. We have already seen the positive impact that a similar approach has had in improving elective care with the adoption of day surgery and know that AEC can do the same for emergency care. The challenge is to use the principles described in this Directory to establish an AEC service that works within your local system.”

The guide can be downloaded below:

AEC-Directory 6th edition February 2018.pdf


If you would like any further information, please email Deborah Thomson, Programme Director Urgent Care Delivery Networks, on

Deborah can also arrange follow up interviews with clinicians who have been involved in the development of the directory if required.