Using data and information to understand, demonstrate and communicate the impact of potential changes in how services are delivered is essential.These guides bring together learning from the Ambulatory Emergency Care Network on measurement for improvement when developing AEC Services.

The 'Measurement for Improvement Guide' is an invaluable source that will provide useful resources and advise on the types of metrics you can use to measure your improvements. The Measurement Team are on hand to help you work through your measures and given advise when needed.

Generic Guide to Measurement for Improvement.pdf.pdf

AECN Measurement for Improvement Guide.pdf


Measurement Fact Sheets

The AEC Measurement Team have been working hard to produce a number of fact sheets that they hope prove useful. New fact sheets will be added in the future so please check back regularly.

AEC Fact Sheet 1 - Measuring the Impact of AEC.pdf 

AEC Fact Sheet 2 - Recording AEC Activity.pdf 

AEC Fact Sheet 3 - Understanding the Potential Demand for AEC.pdf 

AEC Fact Sheet 4 - Understanding Best Practice Tariff for Same Day Emergency Care.pdf 

AEC Fact Sheet 5 - AEC Dashboards.pdf 

AEC Fact Sheet 6 - Using the 2x2 matrix.pdf 

AEC Fact Sheet 7 - Reviewing Your Chosen Measures.pdf