The following tools will help you with your approach to improvement when planning and implementing ambulatory emergency care, and will promote a better understanding of how to deal with various change management issues.

Commissioning to Make a Bigger Difference - This guide provides commissioners with insights into making a bigger difference in service and marketplace development – it provides detailed instructions, case study examples, and practical advice.

Joined-up care - A series of guidance materials aimed at reducing duplication, inefficiency and waste that can create a poor experience as patients and staff pass through / work between boundaries within and between organisations during healthcare journeys.

The Sustainability Model and Guide - The Sustainability model is a diagnostic tool that will identify strengths and weaknesses in implementation plans and predict the likelihood of sustainability for your improvement initiative. The Sustainability Guide provides practical advice on how you might increase the likelihood of sustainability for your improvement initiative.

Quality and Service Improvement Tools – A comprehensive collection of proven quality and service improvement tools, theories and techniques that can be applied to a wide variety of situations. Which is available as a searchable web resource or a printed guide.

Project Management Guide - A six-stage service improvement guide which offers a suggested project framework approach for service improvement within the NHS.

Spread and adoption tool - The tool aims to help staff to increase the scale and pace of the sustainable spread and adoption of innovation and improvements in the NHS.